Got a contact form on your website? Monitor it!

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Do you have a contact form on your website?

On several occasions lately I’ve sent an enquiry via an online contact form and received no response. I would say about 80-90% of my enquiries have gone unanswered! This is a real problem, not only are these businesses missing out on leads, they’re also appearing unreliable and unorganised, and therefore affecting their reputation.

As I work with websites on a daily basis, I understand that this probably isn’t the business ignoring me, but more so a lack of communication when contact form was installed. Most problems occur due to a lack of communication between the website designer and the customer. Did the web developer ask where form enquiries should be sent? Did the client supply the correct information? Were details entered incorrectly?Is there an error with the site?

I guess we’ll never know – but the lesson here is to make sure you have a website developer who knows their stuff, and if there’s something you’re unsure of – ASK! It is very important and will help you avoid these issues.

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