10 Tips to Optimise Your Facebook Account

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We all know that social media is a great tool for business. It has changed the way we communicate and interact with our clients and potential clients. It has revolutionised the business to consumer relationship.

The businesses which gain the best results using social media have a few secrets up their sleeves. In this 5 part series covering Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, I’m going to let you in on them. I’m going to show you what they do and how they do it.

Each of the five main social media streams has the potential to boost your client base and income dramatically but you may choose to use only one or two. Find the form of social media preferred by your clients and meet them there. Study the tips and put them into practice as you build your social media world.

Top 10 Tips for Facebook

1. Remember that Facebook is social.

People are going to want to know about you and your business. Social media is about chatting with your clients so allocate time for it each day. Be prepared to show more of yourself than you would in traditional business exchanges.

2. Use photos

People love photos and videos. Of everything on your page, they are the most likely to be viewed and shared. Choose photos of your products, events, your business premises, your staff and of the things happening around you.

3. Update your page regularly.

Keep posting interesting and useful content but change the way your page looks, too. Add a new cover image or rotate your tabs so there is something that will catch the eye of even your most regular visitor.

4. Learn about Facebook Edgerank

Facebook uses a scoring system to decide which posts are most interesting and therefore will be most likely to show up in the news feed. The rank is based on three scores – Affinity, Weight and Time Decay. Affinity refers to the relationship between you and the person who shares your content. Weight refers to the importance of the interaction. For example, sharing content with an image is better than a comment alone. Time decay means that the older your post, the lower it will rank. You can check your score at Edgerankchecker.com.

5. Study your page insights.

You need to measure what is doing well and what isn’t. Insights will help you work out what sort of information your followers want and when is the best time to deliver it. Use that data to plan your posting schedule.

6. Take advantage of scheduled posts.

If you have an item of news you’d like to share but won’t be at your computer at the time, you can now schedule the post from within Facebook. It is more likely to be shared than posts made from third party hosts such as Hootsuite.

7. Use the Highlight and Pin To Top features.

Apart from breaking up your timeline and adding some interest, these tools are excellent for promotions. Pin To Top lets you keep an important post at the top of your page for a week. If you have a new product to launch or an event to promote, this will keep it visible to all your page visitors. Highlight spreads your post across both columns, making it stand out. It is great for making important posts noticeable.

8. Use your app tabs.

These are the little boxes below your cover image. They are handy because each app is allocated its own URL when you create it. That means you can send someone to that specific app on your page. If you have a competition or a new service to promote, you can add the link to your blog, email or any other place and it leads directly to the promotion.

9. Use Facebook lists.

After you have been on Facebook for a while your news feed will be filled with things that you might not have time to read. Minimise the chatter by creating a list for each of the things that interest you. You might have one for family, one for your business topic and one for jokes. A list will curate the information for you so you can find the right posts as you need them. You can also encourage your followers to create a list of their favourite pages and include yours.

10. Vary your content.

It’s ok to add something that isn’t business related, remember. Add a joke or recipe. Add a photo of something you love. Add a music video. These things all add personality to your page and that’s what your followers want – a touch of the real you.