Are you ready for Facebook Timeline?

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The new look timeline will be on your Facebook page by March 31st whether you like it or not. As you’ve probably noticed, it looks a lot different to the current layout but it brings some huge advantages with it.

Here is a summary of the more significant changes Facebook Timeline brings:

New cover image

What a great opportunity to catch the attention of potential clients.  You can’t include things such as contact information or a call to action, nor can you ask people to like your page.  Instead,  choose an image that speaks straight to your client.  Have a look at one I created for Leadership HQ.  It shows what they do and catches the eye but doesn’t break any rules.

New apps

Once you had a series of tabs down the side.  Now you have 3 apps at the top, just below your cover image and space for more hidden below that.  The apps give you a big opportunity to market different aspects of your business because, with the exception of the photos app, they can be moved and rotated around.  You can highlight the things that are important to your business as they happen – special events, sales, free reports, whatever you need to show.  Unlike the cover image, the apps can be branded with your logo or colours, and more details business information.

Landing Pages

The loss of tabs means that your landing page has to be treated differently.   While you can no longer set a default landing page, you can take advantage of the unique URL that every app has.  Turn one of your apps into your landing page and use its URL as the link whenever you want to send people to your page.  Instead of using name, you’ll use name/app_1234lotsof numbers.

Pinned posts

Do you have something important that you need to share with your followers?  You can now “pin” a post to the top of your page and it will stay there for 7 days.  Use it to share promotions, event details and anything that needs your follower’s attention.

Use your milestones

Milestones don’t just have to relate to the date you began the business.  They can be used to spotlight milestones like the release of a new product line or a business expansion.  They allow you to show off your achievements.

Private Messages

Fans are now able to send you messages directly through your fan page.  What a great opportunity to build a deeper connection with potential clients.
Timeline looks radically different to the old layout but once you get over the initial shock, you’ll see that the new look page actually benefits your business more than ever before.