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Do you track time? For clients, perhaps for management? Like to know how many hours you’re spending on your business, or maybe on individual tasks?

I have always tracked time for clients, but have recently started to track it also to gauge just how much time I spend working on my business. At last count it was 50 hours a week!

In the past I used time tracking software that was attached to my bookkeeping system.  To cut a long story short, for various reasons I can’t use that one anymore, so I spent weeks online searching, doing trials, and ultimately found a fantastic solution!  It’s called “Yast“.

Super simple, easy to use, visually appealing, and with a range of reporting options and the ability to add team members, this has become my favourite time tracking software of all time. An added bonus: I can access it anywhere in the world!

If you’re looking for a reliable solution, I sugget you give it a try! With free and paid versions, there’s a plan for everyone.

  • Mary J.

    For tracking time of virtual assistants, I would recommend using Worksnaps ( It works in a way just suitable for the remote work. The software captures the work activities on the computer used by the virtual assistant. The work activities captured include screenshots, application used, keyboard/mouse clicks and optionally a webcam image. The amount of time is automatically logged and reported. A manager can verify that the time spent is actually for his project. This way, he can pay his virtual assistant based on the time logged. It has great advantage over the traditional self-reporting time tracking system. Worksnaps make the time tracking verifiable, which is exactly what remote work needs.

  • Jennifer Mark

    I believe that every single hour is valuable and making the best use of the same some what gets effective in lucrative aspects to get the desired end result. Making use of the best solution in any format of time tracking and management makes a significant approach for the time to be tracked and managed in order to get the things done up with.

    Many individuals loose the sort of proper time tracking and manage the things to be efficiently looking out for the deadline to reach with. But what is the use of reaching the deadline that has no impact on the work done. These all happens only with the mismanagement of the time respectively and to have a good control on the same the tool specifically that we have deployed in terms of the time management in our office is Replicon’s hours tracking software. With the best usage of time tracking and management, this tool also comes with the applications those are meant to work quite compatibly with the android and iOS version.