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Blog post by Monique de Groot of Monstar Documents

Whoa. Stop. Wait a Minute!
That’s what you need your customer to do in the first 8 seconds when they look at your advertisement or website. If you don’t achieve this, you may as well kiss them goodbye and stand on the dock waving as they sail away to visit your competitor.

If you get your headline correct, you are 80% on the way to a successful advertisement. Why? Because the customer will stop and read your ad. Headlines grab attention.

Let’s have a look at the 19 Top Headline formulas, proven by time to really work:
  1. The How To
  2. Ask a Question
  3. Who Else Wants…?
  4. The Secret of…
  5. Here Is A Method That Is Helping….
  6. Little Known Ways to…
  7. Get Rid Of…Once And For All
  8. Here’s a Quick Way To…
  9. Now You Can Have…
  10. Have…You Can Be Proud Of
  11. What Everybody Ought to Know About…
  12. The Testimonial
  13. Issue a Command
  14. The News
  15. Headline a deadline for a special offer
  16. Free offers often pull in a great response
  17. Headlines to alert your target market
  18. The Fear of Loss Headline
  19. The Intrigue Headline

As you can see, there are many ways to stop people, and you don’t need to be as obvious as the crossing lady in her fluoro gear, holding a big STOP sign.

Take some time out to examine your marketing material and in particular, click onto your website and see if you would stop. Get creative and have a go. If you require help, give me a call.

Blog by Monique, Managing Director of Monstar Documents. Secretarial & Copywriting Services for Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Soloists.

  • First Choice Migration

    Thanks for this list. I’m going to be using ‘Ask a question” as my main title for one of my google adwords campaign. In fact I might use a few from this list and tweak them to see how many hits I get depending on which words I use. I will post my findings here :-).