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MailChimpWhilst testing an eNewsletter created in Mailchimp with a client today, we were puzzled to find that on her end (Outlook 2007), images we had inserted into the newsletter were HUGE. Ginormous in fact, whereas on my end (Outlook 2003 – soon to be 2010!), and Thunderbird, they were perfectly fine.

Having never had this issue, I turned to Google  and found these very useful articles:

It turns out that Outlook “does not respect the way that images are resized in the MailChimp format”. Interesting, huh?!  The alternative: resize images before uploading to your MailChimp gallery.  It’ll save you a lot of heartache and the chances are you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing and “regular sized” newsletter across most mail platforms (including our very disrespectful Outlook!).

I’m proud to say I’ve learnt more about the friendly little Chimp today.